Om Wreckers Yoga

Pretty much everybody loves a good stretch and that post-yoga feeling of relaxation and grounding.  But there are a ton of people who find the spirituality of yoga -- the Om, if you will -- off-putting or scary.  Fair enough.

Enter Om Wreckers, a woo-free weekly gentle yoga class that offers all the physical benefits of yoga without any of the potentially weird stuff.

Om Wreckers is a truly welcoming, all-levels- appropriate class for people of all sizes, ages, races, and abilities.   No body is too old or fat or broken for Om Wreckers -- there is a place for everybody and every body in this class.

To make it even better, we have weekly musical themes!  Past themes have included Prince, Classic Country, 80s Brit Pop, Fat Singers, 90s Women In Rock, Motown, and more. 

NOTE:  As of November 2019, Om Wreckers is currently in search of a new weekly home.  As I search for a space that will provide everything we need, please contact me if you are interested in attending a modified class!




By Appointment Only

Tel: 503-421-4511

4185 SE Division St | Portland, OR | 97202


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