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Om Wreckers Yoga

Pretty much everybody loves a good stretch and that post-yoga feeling of relaxation and grounding.  But there are a ton of people who find the spirituality of yoga -- the Om, if you will -- off-putting.  Fair enough.

Enter Om Wreckers, a woo-free weekly gentle yoga class that offers all the physical benefits of yoga without any of the potentially weird stuff.  The class runs on a 6 week cycle:

Week 1: Hatha

Week 2: Hatha

Week 3: Chair

Week 4: Hatha

Week 5: Hatha

Week 6: Restorative

Om Wreckers is a truly welcoming, all-levels- appropriate class for people of all sizes, ages, races, and abilities.   No body is too old or fat or broken for Om Wreckers -- there is a place for everybody and every body in this class.

Om Wreckers is now 100% virtual, so it's safe for Covid and just safe for those of us who might not want an audience when we practice.  Cameras are optional, as are all the movements -- if you're breathing and nothing hurts, you're doing it right!

To register for our 10am (PST) class, just Venmo or CashApp $15 and your email address to FlexibleFitnessPDX no later than 9.30am.

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