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"Lily-Rygh is my Wonder Woman.  I am so thankful for her motivation, encouraging ways, and the laughter she brings to a tough workout!"

-Kristine, 50, Silent Badass



"After a bad experience with another trainer, I called Lily-Rygh from a friend's referral. Wow -- what a difference! From my first intake meeting with Lily-Rygh through our continued sessions, she has been genuine, professional, funny, and amazingly skilled on gym equipment and techniques. The workouts are thoughtfully prepared for me and push me perfectly. Can't recommend her enough!"

-Mikal, 46, Tattoo Artist



"I can’t say enough about the great experience I have had with Lily-Rygh.  She is both a trainer and a motivational wellness coach.   As someone who has faced her own challenges, I feel like she truly understands how to help me help myself.  Plus, she is very personable and has a great spirit!"

-Cathy, 51



"In the year that I have been working with Lily-Rygh and Flexible Fitness, she has helped me grow my strength…and  I mean that physically and emotionally. With customized workout plans that are reassessed often and tweaked as needed, along with providing me emotional support during tough times, she has been a gift in my life. I expected a trainer to know how to change up my workout routines to keep me interested and growing stronger (which she delivered), but things like sending a condolence card when my dog died was a complete surprise. I appreciate so much that Lily-Rygh believes that every body is perfect in its current state, and only becomes more perfect with workouts and self care. I adore her!"

-JWil, 42, All-around Awesome Chick



"I didn’t know that fun, feminist personal trainers existed until I met Lily-Rygh. What a breath of fresh air she is! She can talk about proper form for bicep curls in the same breath as she deconstructs unequal gendered divisions of labor in the workplace - she's almost too good to be true!"

-Julie, 37, Artist/Troublemaker



"Lily-Rygh's workouts are good for both body and soul.  In each session she draws out my very best.  She never makes me feel like I'm slacking or inadequate.  On the contrary, after a few sessions, I think you could take on King Kong!"


                                                                                                                 -Mary, 68, Grammar Nerd


"I am a health nerd; it's my day job.  But when I am trying to help my patients get healthy, the biggest thing that helps them is accountability.  So when it was time to change things up in my workout routine, I was glad I found Lily-Rygh Glen.  It was exactly the information and kick-start I needed to advance my athletic performance."

                                     -Seth, FNP, LMT, CATOM, CLS, Owner of Merritt Health & Wellness

"I have worked with Lily-Rygh for the past 3 years and I now know what ‘kick your ass with love’ really means.  She is a great trainer!  She listens to what I need and want from a particular session, where I need to focus, and areas I need to stay away from (our bodies don’t always age gracefully). She stretches me to go to my limit and to test myself, but never, ever in a negative way. She is very positive and encouraging but most of all, really engaging!  Our sessions are actually fun (I cannot believe I am saying this) and I really like the variety of things that we do. I walk away knowing I have really worked my ass off, but best of all, knowing that I CAN. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a gym rat or just starting out, I would highly recommend Lily-Rygh to anyone who wants to learn how to move and move with their body in a different and way more effective way.  She ROCKS!”

-Melanie, 55, Strong Like Bull



"I have loved every minute of my sessions with Lily-Rygh. (Okay, maybe not *every* minute; woodchoppers are HARD, amiright?) I definitely get a good workout, but I have never felt pushed to do things that are too hard, dangerous, or inappropriately uncomfortable.  If you want someone to put you on a diet, be a drill sergeant, and put you at a risk for injury, Lily-Rygh is not your gal (thank goodness). If you want someone to challenge you and support you and tell you that you're a badass, then email Lily-Rygh."

-Jill, 28, Ball Queen



"I love working out with Lily-Rygh. She is the perfect partner in my effort to improve my fitness.  Friendly, on-task, kind, and encouraging. All fitness trainers should aspire to be more Lily-Rygh-like!"

-Albert, 54, Business Coach



"Lily-Rygh is amazing and has supported my fitness goals as well as my process to get there.       I feel stronger on many levels working with her and recommend her highly!"

-Becca, 37, Government Relations/Hockey Player


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