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Let's Write a Book!

Coming in late 2017, the guaranteed-to-be-amazing Flexible Fitness BOOK!  Holy crap, right?  I know -- me, too.  The working title of this book is


Fitness Renegades on Bodies, Strength,

and Radical Self-Care

So, do you want to be a part of this awesome project?  I thought you would!  The following are a few questions you might want to ponder when preparing to submit your proposal:

  • How do you physically get yourself there, to the gym or the track or the pool?  What motivates you and what challenges you?

  • In what ways does committing to fitness feel rebellious, and in which ways does it feel conformist?

  • How does your commitment to fitness intersect with your subject position?  For instance, if you identify as a feminist, how does your feminism influence your feelings about physical fitness or your feelings about body-positivity?

  • Fitness is largely seen as the realm of the wealthy, white, and straight.  How do you fit in to that?  How do you challenge that perception?  How does privilege factor in to the ability to prioritize self-care and fitness?

  • The entire fitness industry is built on body shame; we are constantly fed messages about never being enough, so we consume fitness products in order to prove our worth (or at least our effort).  How do you move past that inevitable shaming?  How do you counter the assumptions and find your strength even if you don’t fit the mold?

  • How does fitness, movement, and strength change your self-image?  How does your daily life change (like the nuts and bolts of being able to walk a flight of stairs without being winded), and how does your internal life change (your perception of yourself in relation to the rest of the world)?

  • How do you measure “success” in a fitness paradigm that moves past “before and after” photos, especially in an age of The Biggest Loser, etc?

Of course I'm totally open to other relevant ideas and topics, but this should give you a place to start. And just because this is a book doesn't mean you're limited to writing an essay!  You might also think about a photo essay, an interview, a cartoon, a drawing or painting, a list, a journal entry, etc.  The sky's the creative limit, baby!

Your final piece may be anywhere from 500-5000 words, 1-10 pages.  It will be professionally edited for length and clarity, and you will be paid for your work with 1 copy of our delicious book and endless bragging rights.

If you want to participate in BAD ASS, please submit a proposal no later than 01 June.  And of course let me know if you have any questions. 

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