Sounds easy enough, right? I mean, we all live in our bodies, so we obviously know them already. Except many of us don’t know our bodies at all. Or we know only bits and pieces: we know that our thighs rub together or our knees hurt when we climb stairs or we don’t have the energy we used to. What we often don’t know is just how capable our bodies can be, with the right kind of work and the right kind of support.

It is my goal to always bring my own life experience to the table in introducing women to those right kinds of work and those right kinds of support.  That means that I use compassion and true belief in my clients as motivation, not demoralization or humiliation; this is not The Biggest Loser and I am not Jillian Michaels. Fitness is not a “one size fits all” endeavor, which means that there will and should always be a bit of experimentation.  Routine re-revaluation and a regular kicking of the proverbial tires are a necessary and helpful part of the process. I believe it is essential to constantly check in with the body to find methods of physical and mental fitness that feel right on any given day; what feels right on Monday might feel really awkward on Wednesday. The ability to adjust to the daily changes of our bodies is the key to making successful use of our time in the gym, on the track, and in our daily lives. 

In a nutshell, I strive to always find that magical sweet spot, to push my clients to the limits of their abilities, but to do it with a deeply held understanding that working to muscle failure and trying new things is hard, hard physical and psychological work.

So while I will kick your ass, I will also cradle your heart.